I now have the confidence in myself to schedule my week. My social outings are not compromised and I really enjoyed the mentoring programme
3rd Year Student
The One 2 One mentoring programme helped me get through my leaving cert without going crazy. I don't think I would have made it without the support and guidance
Leaving cert student
Scheduling and planning was the best part for me. The mentoring service has really encouraged me to work hard and plan my study time week by week
First Year Student

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Secondary School and Third Level Student Mentoring

Secondary School Student Mentoring:      

The service is run throughout the school year by Tony meeting with the student on five occasions during the year. During this Tony will:

  • establish a mentoring relationship with you
  • help to guide you through your school work and exams
  • provide opportunities for you to discuss school related issues such as subjects studied, revision needs, homework patterns and subject choices
  • provide a framework for timelines, targeting and scheduling


Third Level Students Mentoring:       

Third level students are more or less left very much to their own devices to cope with the endless demands they will face through their college years.There have several reports issued recently stating the difficulties students face in managing when they go on to Third Level education. The student has worked extremely hard to get to college, but struggles to perform in their course. This Service helps them plan and organise their lives in such a way that they can achieve success in everything that they encounter. Priority is placed on putting adequate structures in place and so that students can deal with all they must face in the coming year. Timetables are put in place to accommodate

  •  attendance at lectures and tutorials
  •  preparation of assignments to meet deadlines
  • participation in group work and sufficient study/revision time to keep abreast of all that is going on