I have learnt how to manage my time and can still fit in the things I love to do without compromising my study
First Year Student
Scheduling and planning was the best part for me. The mentoring service has really encouraged me to work hard and plan my study time week by week
First Year Student
Tony really gets to know each individual student and understands their needs. Great programme and great person" 
Parent of third year student

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Tony is an extremely sociable and friendly man and the kids just take to him. He is sourly missed as Principal in St Brendans. Tony helped my son with problem solving and planning his daily study regime. There is also a time in kid’s lives when they don’t want to talk to parents and Tony was the person that my son could talk to with issues around school and study – he would always have the answer and not the “parent” answer. A plan was put in place with specific aims and objectives. What was crucial was getting the balance between study and time with family and friends. It allowed my son to distress as Tony explained everything to him step by step and was there for him when needed. Action plans and revision plans were a god sent allowing my son to take breaks but know that the work would still get done if he stuck to Tony’s plan. I would recommend the programme to any student.