Tony really gets to know each individual student and understands their needs. Great programme and great person" 
Parent of third year student
Tony was efficient, organised, professional and positive in all his dealings with me throughout the mentoring process. After 9 years since my last interview, Tony gave me honest and thorough advice that helped me to overcome my fear of interviews. 
Mother going back to work
Scheduling and planning was the best part for me. The mentoring service has really encouraged me to work hard and plan my study time week by week
First Year Student

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Secondary School Mentoring Package

The full package  - Secondary School Student (€500 for the full year)       

Tony will have five separate meetings with you.

Meeting 1 – September: Initial Meeting and Review with detailed report and plan.

Meeting 2 - November:  A review of everything so far and update on progress. Problematic areas are identified and plans to address them put in place. Again, a detailed report is prepared on the meeting and emailed/posted to the student.

Meeting 3 - January:  Again, a review of everything that has happened since the last meeting is undertaken. A big emphasis at this meeting is on examination techniques. We also look at how to get the best out of the Mock Examinations. Once again, a detailed report on the main points of the meeting is sent to the student.

Meeting 4 - March:  Once again, a review of the critical areas for that student is undertaken to assess progress. At this stage, we also take a look at how the overall plan is working and identify any elements that may need to be changed. We have a look at the targets set at the beginning of the process and assess are we on schedule to achieve them. Once again, a report is issued.

Meeting 5 ( May ):  We review everything to date and deal with any critical issues that need to be addressed. We then look at putting a plan in place for the period immediately before the examinations begin and for during the examinations themselves. A final report is prepared for the student at this point.

(Note: in some cases, parents attend meetings. They always receive a report on each meeting. Students/Parents can request additional meeting(s) when the need arises. Handouts are given on key topics).