Very pleased to tell you that I got the job. Thanks to you Tony, I was very calm, confident and prepared. I really felt you gave me a great insight into the interview process and it took away a lot of my doubts and worries.
Jennifer, Secondary School Teacher
I have learnt how to manage my time and can still fit in the things I love to do without compromising my study
First Year Student
Working with Tony from One2One Mentoring was inspiring. Juggling priorities in Final Year can be a great challenge. Tony provided insights, but also encouraged me to develop a clarity of thinking that allowed me digest the work in hand. In my case, Tony ensured that I was focused on a particular agenda each day, incorporating the subject work, study time and social interaction. Having this compass was just very valuable in ensuring I came through the year successfully. Tony concentrates on the big picture and helped me also to see the big picture. I would thoroughly recommend Tony to University students at any stage of their progress. 
Third Level Student

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It was a good start as my son had a lot of time for Tony as Principal. Tony took the time out of his Principal duties to get to know each individual student, understanding their needs.  My son had confidence in him and knew he could progress by applying Tony’s mentoring plan.   Tony set him on the right path at the beginning of the year with their work scheduling. It was welcomed advice. He also listened to him and his concerns and helped him prepare his course work accordingly, setting out clear goals for the year ahead. Tony’s experience came to the forefront with my son and the results are great. He was able to get his priorities in order at the very beginning of the year, setting a new path moving forward. Tony has regular contact with him plus scheduled meetings to measure the progress and deal with any difficulties together.

My son found the focused letters throughout the year very useful as it focused him on the areas he needed to cover. Tony was also available at any stage over the phone if the need arose. We personally hold Tony in huge regard as he truly takes direct personal interest in each of his students. All relationships are built on a foundation of trust from the outset and Tony has an amazing way of achieving this with all of this students.