Scheduling and planning was the best part for me. The mentoring service has really encouraged me to work hard and plan my study time week by week
First Year Student
I now have the confidence in myself to schedule my week. My social outings are not compromised and I really enjoyed the mentoring programme
3rd Year Student
I have learnt how to manage my time and can still fit in the things I love to do without compromising my study
First Year Student

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Having Tony Bellew working with my son during his Junior Certificate year has hugely benefited him in a number of ways. Firstly, his experience and expertise with exam year students has meant that my son has had the opportunity to develop and execute an efficient study plan. Secondly, Tony’s skills in instilling confidence has ensured that my son has realised the opportunity to achieve his goals. Thirdly, his depth of knowledge of the educational system and the exam process has proven to be an invaluable to both me as a parent and my son. Lastly, Tony has been a huge help to me personally, in knowing when to push and challenge him to understand the important balance between study and recreational time. Tony’s approach is innovative and has helped my son enormously in understanding his philosophy of “failing to plan is planning to fail”