The One 2 One mentoring programme helped me get through my leaving cert without going crazy. I don't think I would have made it without the support and guidance
Leaving cert student
I have learnt how to manage my time and can still fit in the things I love to do without compromising my study
First Year Student
I now have the confidence in myself to schedule my week. My social outings are not compromised and I really enjoyed the mentoring programme
3rd Year Student

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Tony is a very down to earth person with whom my daughter formed an instant connection. Before the 'One2One' mentoring, there was agreed concensus between school and home that she was capable of so much more than what she was turning out. Tony talked through his programme with her and in time she started to value her own learning and value her teachers in a more positive light. Tony got my daughter to design her own schedules to include study periods, rest breaks, time for socialising, sport etc...Very quickly she settled in to a positive routine of work and play. As parents, we were soon content to back off and refrain from the daily nagging etc...We could see that a fair work/play balance was being achieved and our daughter was taking responsibility for her own learning and becoming more focused  and determined. These qualities meant more to us than high grades -- we knew that once these qualities were in place that good grades would follow suit. While there is still room for improvement, she has come a long way. 

Our commute to Tony was a four hour train journey. This gave us time to spend together, which we both enjoyed. We often took the DART into Dublin for a few hours where the chance to shop went down a treat and provided a reward for the progress being made. Tony always met us at Bray Train Station and drove us to his office. We were very grateful for this.

As it turned out, our daughter had to drop out of school for the last term due to illness. Tony continued to provide mentoring via phone and email. I don't know how she would have fared without the 'One2One' mentoring during this set back. He encouraged her to view her situation positively and he advised her on changing her schedules to accomodate her altered situation.I have no doubt that this allowed her to maintain her focus and deal with her situation with determination.

I would have no hesitation in recommending any student or parent to consider this mentoring. Our children have never been under so much pressure as they are today, both from themselves and the system. It is a very competitive world and they need to develop their 'best selves'. I have seen firsthand that with 'One2One' mentoring my daughter has started to believe in her own ability to achieve good results and is now setting goals for herself. I am thrilled with the progress she has made and I feel she is on a good footing as she commences senior cycle.