Tony helped me with interview preparation and job applications. Instead of feeling nervous about interviews, I now see them as an opportunity to shine.
He is truly passionate about helping people to achieve their best. I feel confident that I will secure a position with his help.
Niamh - Primary School Teacher
Scheduling and planning was the best part for me. The mentoring service has really encouraged me to work hard and plan my study time week by week
First Year Student
Tony really gets to know each individual student and understands their needs. Great programme and great person" 
Parent of third year student

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One Meeting Options

Tony also provides 'one meeting' options with students. This suits students who feel they have a challenge at a particular time of the year. The cost for a meeting is €100. The meeting options are as follows:

  • 'September Settle-in'
  • 'November - school year progress'
  • 'January - mock preparation and exam technique' 
  • 'Easter - mock review'
  • 'May - countdown to exams'